The End of the Frizzy Nightmare!


As a student at Warwick University, reading History of Art, I would struggle from the house I shared with various other embryonic academics, loaded with armfuls of tomes of wisdom. Often, a fine, damp mist would descend across The Piazza making it impossible to protect my hair from looking like I’d got my finger stuck in the electric socket. Frizz plagued my life and is the curse of many otherwise, glamorous women, who leave the house with sleek, gleaming tresses only to reach their destination resembling a poodle with a bad perm!

Determined not to spend my life as a fuzzy-wuzzy, I recently decided to do some research, and discovered an amazing secret, newly imported to the oak-lined lanes of rural Warwickshire from the Amazonian jungle, which being situated in the deepest tropics is the home of the fuzzy-fuzzy hair do!

Neil Harvey, based at the Arden Centre, Little Alne, is the pioneer of the elan Blow Dry, which claims to straighten frizzy hair for up to three months. I entered the contemporary hair salon with equipoise of hope and scepticism. Could this be the solution or just another empty promise of sleek hair utopia?  Neil Harvey’s relaxed, gentle manner, underpinned by a quiet confidence reassured me as he set to work on my crowning-glory, which to date has endured much maltreatment.  A glorious shampooing included a very invigorating head massage, followed by a gentle towel drying and  blow dry, which left my hair slightly damp.  Neil set about the application of the elan serum, which on my long tresses took around two hours, although Neil does say that the time of application depends on hair length and thickness. I enjoyed a delicious herbal tea while waiting for the elixir to work its magic! Unlike other products available on the market, such as crème relaxes or the Japanese Straightening System, the elan Blow Dry with Keratin and Collagen replenishes the hair without damage or change to the molecular structure.  After application of the product, it is infused with a ceramic straightener, which hydrates the hair and seals in moisture to create a glossy, sleek finish.

The results were visible immediately and I was thrilled with my shiny curtain of healthy looking hair that seemed to regain the youthful look I enjoyed as a child. Neil instructed me to keep my hair dry for the next four days, during which, it must not be tied back or any kind of headgear worn. After four days, you are free to wash it as normal. I left Neil’s salon with a new sense of brio!               

Months have passed since my miracle treatment and my hair has maintained a wonderful condition I never thought possible.  I haven’t felt the need to get out the hair irons.  Neil tells me that the more treatments you have, the more improvement you see in the condition of your hair. Even in the awful wet weather this winter – no frizz!  I spent a week recently in the Far East, and my sleek hair was totally unfazed by the humidity. Not even a mini-monsoon worried it – it just stayed straight!

Neil Harvey is my saviour! He is a hair-god!

Although I don’t colour my hair, the elan system is suitable for coloured and treated hair.  I am so happy to share my secret with anyone who suffers as I did from nightmare hair reaction to humidity or damp weather. So come on girls – fight the frizz!

 Daniella Romono after picture

Daniella Romano who lives in Cheltenham shows off the stunning effects of the Elan Blow Dry System.