You know when you reach a certain age and strands of grey start to appear like silver coils amongst your once glorious locks? Annoying isn’t it?! Do you pull them out or cover them up with a bit of colour? The other thing is, these bothersome little helixes mess with the smoothness of your hair and frizziness features increasingly on your horizon. This is especially noticeable when you pass a shop and catch a glimpse of your outline. Shocked by my reflection in Boots window I decide I need help. Especially as I am being treated by my loved one to a holiday in Barbados, where the humidity is going to make me look like a local. I was tipped off by a friend to go and see hairdresser Neil Harvey at the Arden Centre, Little Alne near Stratford-upon-Avon.

Neil is an expert in Frizz Fighting and master of the elan Blow Dry System that keeps your hair looking sleek for three to four months – even in the rain or humid climates. In fact, the more times you have the treatment, the longer it lasts each time. After expertly colouring my hair to cover the greys and give me a sun-kissed glow to take to Barbados, Neil applies the serum, which originates from the Amazonian Rain Forest. He then smoothes it with straightening irons and I am delighted! No more wirey corkscrew greys, just sleek golden tresses.

So now all I have to do is a hundred tummy crunches everyday until next Thursday, when my love and I board the Silver Bird that will take us to our Caribbean destination. It’s a pity that Neil doesn’t have a flat tummy serum he could iron in to deal with the bikini overhang situation! Still at least I don’t have to worry about the hair anymore….now where did I put that Ab Master machine?