Ever wondered how Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of our future king, always appears to have sleek, shiny tresses? Well she has discovered a secret new hairdryer that not only uses state-of-the-art technology with a dual fan turbine and extra thin nozzles, but it also releases a cosmetic treatment as it dries your hair.


The Collexia Professional that is only available for use at hair salons contains a single use, hygienically sealed filter, which is activated by heat and releases a special formula that conditions hair as it dries.


We’ve all been told that blow-drying is bad for your hair, stripping it of moisture and affecting its condition. Now this new formula dispensed by the Collexia Professional dryer, delivers proteins and Keratins that actually condition your hair as it is being dried. The formula penetrates and smooths the hair follicles, leaving a Kate Middleton shine every time.


The patented hair drying system’s dual fan turbine produces a great airflow through extra thin nozzles, which gives controlled styling and quickens drying time.


Neil Harvey, based at The Arden Centre in Little Alne near Stratford-upon-Avon, is one of the first hair salons to use this pioneering technology.


Neil says, ‘it is a fabulous new tool of our trade. People with all hair types are seeing a remarkable difference but it is particularly good for coloured hair, as it reconstitutes the condition lost through chemical treatments.  If you are looking for a Kate Middleton groomed look, this is something we can now provide in the salon.’