"A lot of hairdressers will list their skills and experience.... and even have someone create some kind of poetry about how special they are.

My experience has taught me this:

I like to do what is best for you - and your hair. I observe how hair behaves. Hair does exactly what it wants to do. Beautiful hair is created by face framing layers that soften the features, accentuate the cheekbones and respect the hairline. Each layer flows in to the next, allowing the hair to move with fluidity. Shaping goes with the flow of the bone structure, the profile and the proportions of the body - producing 'wash and wear' hair that works even if it is stormy or raining.

I am not in to trends but rather I do all kinds of work for all kinds of people. I have always believed that it is important above all else to listen and observe carefully the hairs' texture and behaviour and never impose an idea on hair that it is incapable of receiving.

Every angle, line and curve of a haircut is designed to echo, reinforce and draw out the arcs and planes of the face. Layers sweep, tilt and dive. All of this is accentuated with natural looking beautiful colour and wonderful  hair products. Understated Chic! You cannot go wrong.