While working with hair replacement Neil has developed The Élan System and his passion is to provide the best possible service, help and advice to all alopecia sufferers who are already typically feeling vulnerable and disappointed with inferior wig products. 

Élan provides expertly fitted, authentic looking hair replacements to achieve results close to perfection.
You can once again feel happy with yourself and rebuild your confidence.

Élan is the latest “state of the art” hair replacement, utilising an amazing superior fibre that looks, feels and behaves like human hair…but without the problems. It actually is better than human hair!

A wearer can shampoo their hair in the shower, swim or exercise and keep the hairpiece on in bed. Furthermore there is no fading in sunlight, the hairpiece retains moisture and can be styled just like human hair. Each hair piece is custom fitted with exact colour matching, attention to volume and texture in the style of the clients choice.

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