The élan solution behaves and looks like natural hair.

You can sleep, shower and be out in the sunlight whilst wearing your hair without worry. It is so comfortable to wear and so lightweight - the ultra-fine base allows your scalp to breath naturally, whilst giving the appearance of a real scalp. So no one need ever know your secret.

The longevity of élan means fewer trips to the hairdresser than with conventional wigs - so highly cost effective;  and replacement is only necessary around every twelve to eighteen months.

Up-keep of a hair piece often has potential problems.

What you really need is a solution that feels natural, looks natural and behaves as natural hair; a solution that feels part of you. Hair you can sleep in, shower in and shampoo as you would your own hair. 

You want to be able to go out into the sunlight without fear that the colour will fade and not worry about loss of moisture drying it up; hair that will maintain its style whether straight or curled, that feels as light as your own hair, not weighing you down as a constant reminder of a problem.